Bridal Consultations, Aso-ebi Sourcing, Photo Shoot Management, Beauty Products…


Do you want to come in solely for informational purposes to plan your event? Welcome! Please do contact us; we would love to meet you. However, you need to book appointment for your time slot which requires a fee per hour. Although, this fee is refundable if you hire us to plan your day, thereby, tailoring to the reduction in final payment.

A separate bridal consultation with us and a non- client or potential client involves all the possible vendor recommendations, site location recommendations and idea generations that could help plan your wedding. This also involves clarifications or guiding you towards making affirmed decisions on colour scheme, ways to infuse your personality into your celebration, wedding theme, Etiquettes and so on, or helping with budget and figuring out you timeline.

We have bespoke sessions to suit all your needs based on your requested requirements. This could be a complete bridal consultation or an A La Carte session tailored at specific requirements.


We take off the stress of sourcing out “Aso-ebi” for your event. This could involve coming up with your own customised design and colour and allowing our trusted manufacturers to produce it when there is enough time, or even sourcing for the best ready –made material that would suit your taste and colour scheme. Products range from Laces to head gears (such as Aso- oke).

We also provide management services which involves sales and distribution of Aso-ebi. Do contact us for more enquiries on the package you prefer.


We take off the stress of sourcing out souvenirs for your event by offering our bespoke services to suit your budget and style. We provide services for corporate and private clients; catering to their social or corporate events.

We fulfil your promotional needs by bringing your brand to life through providing quality branded gifts for your wedding guests, executive clients, staff, associates and customers.

Our services include:

  • Sourcing of goods nationally and globally
  • Safety and quality control for delivery of goods
  • Branding and packaging of souvenirs
  • Monitoring the logistics of souvenir delivery

We provide planning and management services for your photo shoot. Have you thought about your theme already? If you haven’t, we still have your back; we would create a theme design for you. Have you contracted all necessary vendors (photographer, make-up artist, etc)? Have you sourced for your venue? Do you just want your shoot to run smoothly?

We are the right management team for you!! We provide bespoke services to suit your photo shoot management needs. Do contact us!! We look forward to meeting you.

Our services are not limited to the following:

  • Theme design
  • Venue sourcing
  • Vendor selection and management
  • Photo shoot coordination
  • Provision of props

We supply beauty products to make your event run smoothly. This could be your Wedding day beauty and tailoring kit or Romantic night-in kit. Products range from toiletries to lingerie to scented candles and many more. However, we have put in place bespoke package options to choose from!! Do contact us for details!


Are you planning to get married soon? Or have you recently gotten married and in need of having a honeymoon? Have u decided to go for a honeymoon in an exotic and romantic location? Then welcome!! At Jenorah, we take off the stress of planning your vacation.

We craft private travel adventures to make your honeymoon a memorable experience. We offer bespoke services by tailoring your unique personalities and style in creating a personalised itinerary. Your itinerary will be based on various factors that you have provided, such as your dream honeymoon idea and destination(s), your desired departure dates and length of trip.

So do you have a budget set out already for your dream honeymoon? Lovely! We advise you book a consultation (to be carried out in person or over Skype), or do you have an open check budget or you are at a loss on an ideal budget to set aside for your dream honeymoon? If so, then we suggest you Request for an Estimate. However, booking a consultation or requesting an estimate requires a token fee to receive a brief or basic quote within a few days of request a consultation.

Following your approval of our cost estimate and request to plan your memorable honeymoon, a non-refundable deposit is required to begin planning and creating a personalised and detailed itinerary and pricing. This is due to the complexity and time it takes to plan a tailor made honeymoon, however, this non-refundable fee would be credited towards the final payment of your trip.

To clarify, our services involve booking and making all arrangements regarding air tickets reservations, accommodations and events for the trip.