Class, Style, Luxury, Creative and Entertaining



Jennifer Omidiji AKA “JennyB

My name is Jennifer Omidiji, formally known as Jennifer Onuorah (thus, Jenorah), AKA JennyB; which was given to me right from my high school days and has remained with me ever since!! Lol…Memories!!! I have a background as a trained (Masters Degree level) court-going Forensic Scientist from Scotland; which equipped me with the ability to pay attention to details and facts. At Jenorah, we believe our perfection comes from all the little things being done well for you. Therefore, attention to all details regarding your event is Key!!

I started discovering my love for planning events during the final year of my undergraduate degree, where I designed and planned our departmental award ceremony and party, of which, the floor plan and seating arrangement (a Maze concept); that I created and produced became very intriguing and fun to everyone (The freshness and uniqueness of the concept was a definite hit!!!).

Over the years that followed, I assisted in planning events for relations, and the positive feedbacks for my attention to details encouraged me to do better always. From all these experiences, I discovered my love and passion for planning, designing and coordinating events.

Being a romantic, and a helpless lover for celebrating love, I decided to go majorly into Weddings. My first two fully planned wedding events gave so much positive review from guests in the line of words such as Class, Style, Luxury, Creative and Entertaining. Thereafter, I realised I had found my niche in my hobby, where I could use my experiences, skills and talents to achieve and sustain business results, in return for a fulfilling career.

With my experience in systematic approaches and attention to details when handling situations, I believe I possess a natural ability to cope with diverse circumstances and consider myself as one with a dynamic and amiable personality. Therefore, I look forward to meeting you and planning your stylish and memorable event.